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Elden Selection - Sandbox2

Johns Hopkins Charity

At a time when the world is dazed and uncertain, we at Elden Selections have gladly assumed our role as purveyors of cheer. Every day we receive messages telling us about the many ways that a nice glass of wine can help. And knowing this makes our day brighter too. 

But we also know that we are more fortunate than many.  And that while a nice drop of Burgundy may offer a moment of respite from the worries all around, it's no cure. From the frontline workers keeping things moving, to the research teams scrambling to find the solution, we know that there will be no rest until this is behind us.  

So as a business that can still function in these conditions, we want to give something back, to help get us all get there. To this end, Elden Selections will donate 10% of sales of this mixed case of Chablis to the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Research team.

Join us.  You'll have the pleasure of knowing that your moment of calm at the end of the day is helping in some small way to bring this to an end.  

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